CAP provides its members and farmers with a set of services in general:

Single Application for Aid

Support for farmers who apply to farmers' organizations belonging to CAP for the submission of forms for the receipt of financing, aid and awards, defined at the European and national levels, in the field of agriculture and rural development.

Animal Registration

Support for the National Animal Registration and Information System, which lays down the rules for the identification, registration and transport of bovine, sheep, goats and pigs, as well as equines.

Agricultural Counseling Service

Agricultural counseling is a service provided by the Confederation, in partnership with farmer organizations, which involves a visit to the farm by a technician, covering several thematic areas.


Computer platform available online featuring fruit and vegetable prices from European wholesale markets (Spain, France and Germany).

Assessment of Agricultural Properties

Assessment service for agricultural and forestry properties, estimating or assigning value to one or more agricultural properties according to their location and characteristics, namely the type of soil, the region's climate and available infrastructures.

Investment Projects

Service of applications for agricultural investment projects under the Rural Development Program (PDR2020) and subsequent follow-up activities.

Banking Protocols

Protocol signed between CAP and several banking entities, which aims to provide credit when the aid is expected to be granted.

Training Action

Promotion of initiatives and vocational training courses related to agricultural activity.