Brussels Delegation

The main activity of the CAP Permanent Delegation in Brussels is the collection and analysis of relevant information for the Portuguese agriculture among the different parties involved in the decision-making process of the community.

The fundamental objective of this CAP branch is to influence, in a significant and timely manner, the formulation of European policies.

On the other hand, and given that there are Permanent Delegations of Professional Agricultural Organizations in Brussels in all EU Member States, there is a great deal of exchange of experience and cooperation between CAP and its European counterparts, which allows for the development of synergies at the community level.

Thus, the CAP Permanent Delegation in Brussels develops activities of a permanent or regular nature, closely related to CAP's direct participation and representation needs, both at the level of the European Professional Organizations in which the Confederation is affiliated and at the level of the Group’s dialogue (Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Commission).

The other activities of CAP Permanent Delegation in Brussels depend on the evolution of the Community’s decision-making process, in particular the various policies and initiatives with the greatest impact on the agricultural sector and the rural world.

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